Love Lasts Forever

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RED GOLD is the passionate and inspiring story of two young lovers set against the turbulent emotions of life on the "homefront" of World War II. Based on true events - it is "Romeo and Juliet" blended with the magical realism of "Like Water For Chocolate" and heart-aching romance of "The Notebook."

Orlando, a handsome and dashing young Italian prisoner of war who comes from a family of puppeteers - the marionettes play an important part of the story - and the beautiful Laura, a fiery red-headed American girl he meets when he and other prisoners are employed as farm laborers outside a prisoner of war camp in a small town in the state of Indiana - America's Heartland.

Storyboard- Camp Arrival

In 1943, thousands of Italian prisoners of war captured in North Africa were held in internment camps in the United States. Due to the severe manpower shortage all the American men and boys were off fighting - the Italians were employed as laborers on farms, in factories and on the roads. Despite prohibition of personal contact between the prisoners and locals in a time of prejudice and fear, many prisoners met and fell in love with local American Girls.

Set - POW Camp


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